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Freight Insurance

Freight Insurance

Give yourself peace of mind today and buy insurance for your cargo or household goods today.

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Find Faults at the Factory Floor rather than at your door with our Quality Control Inspections.

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International Payments

International Payments

Save Money on Exchange Rates and Banking Fees with our online International Payments Service.

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Home Seafood to China - Sales Support Services

Seafood to China - Sales Support Services

Do you want to develop and grow sales of your seafood products into China? We offer a range of excellent services which will assist you to find seafood buyers in China, provide excellent customer service in China and reduce the risks when selling into China.

Please click on any of the services below to find out more information and get prices.

Find Chinese Seafood Buyers

Find Seafood Buyers in China

Do you want a cost effective way to find customers for your seafood products in China? Our China Seafood Buyer Finder Service can identify potential customers in China for your seafood products.

Seafood Promotion Services in China

Promote Your Seafood Products in China

Do you want to promote your seafood products in China at a low cost? We offer cost effective ways to promote your seafood products in China.

China Sales Office Service

Have an Office in China with none of the hassle!   

Enhance your companies profile and legitimacy with seafood buyers in China. Get a China Office Address and China Telephone Number. 

China Seafood Call Center Services

A Low Cost way to Support Your Customers in China!

Overcome time zone, language and cultural challenges when selling your seafood products into China. Have your very own China Call Center and Customer Support Desk service.

China Trade Protection

Services which Prevent & Resolve Disputes with Customers in China

Are you currently having a trade dispute with a Seafood Customer in China? Are you looking to prevent disputes from arising with your customers in China?

China Seafood Licence

Import and Sell Your Seafood Products Direct to Customers in China

Use our China Seafood Import licences to import and sell your seafood direct to customers in China. Increase the margins you get for your seafood products in China.